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“ACTION FOR S4K!” stands for “Having Fun by Doing Good” = Win / Win!

So, why not join in all the fun by taking part in our fundraisers, by sponsoring us or by following us online?

Every kind of support is very much appreciated!

You will find details on where else to find us and on how to contact us if you scroll further down…

Let’s team up to make a change for kids in need!

Who we are:


Carmen and Bea; two German girls who decided it was time to “start moving” back in late 2012. That is why we came up with “Action For S4K!”.

Where to find us?
Twitter: @ActionForS4K
Instagram: Action for S4K!
Facebook: Action For S4K!

How to get in touch? Just send us an Email 🙂 ActionForS4K@gmail.com

We support an amazing little charity called Sanctuary for Kids!

Our aim: On this website, we will try to keep you updated on our #S4K fundraisers, our personal happenings, our travels and challenges on a regular basis! Oh, and we will also inform you about other projects that we find interesting and worth supporting.

Can YOU get involved? Yes, please! We are always on the lookout for new friends to join our team or other groups to team up with! And of course for new and crazy ideas, that we can perhaps turn into a new, exciting fundraiser!

Some of our past fundraisers and their results:

#BeaSwimsForS4K: 27.10.2013 = CAD 1822

#BiathlonForS4K: 15.-16.03.2014 = CAD 1577

#Swim4KforS4K: 22.11.2014 = CAD 1126

#BiathlonForS4K_2: 17.-18.01.2015 = CAD 700

#MalteseCrossing: 26.08.2015 = CAD 1060

The reasons that started us to finally “move”?
We are TERRIBLY LAZY! Training on a regular basis asks lot of us 😉 Plus we felt it was about time to start doing some good!

(1) My (Bea’s) Dad, who always thought of others before thinking of himself! I love you Dad; you’re my true Guardian Angel & I hope you are cheering for me from above 😉
(2) Our wonderful friends! We love each and everyone of you! Thanks for all your love, support and for keeping up with our crazy ideas!
(3) Joke for letting us copy a lot from her page “Rainbow Run for Mila”
(4) “Sanctuary for Kids”
(5) Amanda Tapping for using her influence to make this world a better place!

Why we support “Sanctuary for Kids”?
Working in TV myself (Bea), we got hooked on S4K, which is strongly connected to one of our favourite TV-shows “Sanctuary” and besides:
We do admire their work and are hugely inspired by their efforts to make changes in this world!

What is ‘Sanctuary For Kids’?
‘Sanctuary For Kids’ is a not-for-profit organization based in Vancouver, Canada, dedicated to improving the lives of children and young people around the world who need a home, education and protection. The funds raised are donated to the five existing charities they support in Canada, Nepal and Haiti. (In addition S4K provides crisis funding for natural disaster emergencies around the globe).

Children and young people are given love, protection, nutritious food, a good education and so much more. These charities are not only changing their lives but also the lives of those around them. If you would like to know more about #S4K, please visit their website where your will find further details on the individual charities they support and S4K’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

The organization is run entirely by volunteers. To date ‘Sanctuary For Kids’ supporters have raised an impressive $750,000

If you would like to know more about #S4K, please visit their website:

Sanctuary for Kids

How you can help?
By sponsoring us:) And by liking and sharing this website!
You can donate directly via the S4K website. Just make sure you put the event’s name (as published in our Facebook-Group, here & on Twitter) in the comment field and send a copy or a screenshot of your paypal-receipt to “ActionForS4K@gmail.com”, so we can keep track of all donations. Questions? Just contact us.

Sponsor us by donating to “Sanctuary for Kids”

LITTLE RIPPLES MAKE BIG WAVES, so please spread the word!

Further disclaimers and clarifications
‘Sanctuary For Kids’ is grateful for every donation, but they are not able to provide tax-deductible receipts.


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