Nepal… Fundraising… Malta

Dear friends and fellow “partners in crime”!
As some of you might know Carmen and I have spent two most amazing weeks in Nepal!

We made many new friends and met the most amazing people you can imagine; so full of hope, gratitude, love… full of life!

One of the many things we learned there, is that the money we all donate to our favourite little charity could not be spend more effectively.
NOH truly does wonders with the money, making sure it reaches those in need!

And believe us, even a little ripple will create a big wave in #Nepal; especially at the moment!

We did write this blog to give you all an idea of what is going on, so please do stay a few minutes to check it out.

After our return we are more determined than ever to try and do our own little share of “good” by continuing our fundraising efforts!
Our next fundraiser, the #MalteseCrossing is only 3 weeks away; happening in Malta during our summer-holiday on August 26th 2015.

Please check it out and help us help the kids by sharing, sponsoring, cheering… Whatever!

Details can be found in the blog and on the S4K website: Sanctuary for Kids Blog

Thank You!

Much Love and Respect!


Bea and Carmen xox