Malta, the journey so far…

So… today already marks half-time for yet another of our stays here in beautiful Malta, but it also tells us, that we have exciting days ahead; starting with Carmen’s birthday, which we will toast to at 00:00 tonight, before heading into yet another big adventure just a few hours later: The #MalteseCrossing, a fundraiser in aid of “Sanctuary for Kids”. In case you want to know about it, please follow this link: Sanctuary for Kids

And another exciting challenge will follow on Friday, so stay tuned! ❤️
But now, let us tell you a bit about Malta and our holiday!
Back in 2009 Carmen and I finally had the money to go on our first real holiday; and our decision was fast: We both wanted to visit Malta! And we never ever regretted that step! We fell in love with this tiny yet incredible country right away! And we return ever since!

We made friends here; people we hold so dear to our hearts that we proudly call them family! They have shown us so much love, kindness, compassion and friendship… And we are forever grateful!

Even the hotel feels so familiar by now, it feels like coming home…

Two months ago Malta has been joined by yet another amazing country that captured our hearts: Yes, you guessed correctly: Nepal!
Here are a few pics and videos of the past few days, please enjoy and feel free to share our blog!
We will try to upload updates on the #MalteseCrossing asap, so please stay tuned!