Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Malta


Ever since our first visit to Malta back in 2009 the Corinthia Palace
is our home away from home! We are very familiar with the staff
and we know the building and surroundings inside and out.

And you know what is a great indication for choosing the right hotel?
When members of staff are coming up to your table and are wishing
#GoodLuck and #FingersCrossed for your event during breakfast, shortly after the hotel posted about it on their Facebook page.

And THIS was published two days after the #MalteseCrossing:

Please check out their Website : Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Malta
Find them on Facebook : Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa

Oh, and they promised to support us again!
This time for the #MalteseChallenge in 2016!

So a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone at the “Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Malta”.