Nepal_Day 13 / Last day at SERC!

Our LAST day of volunteering at SERC! 
As promised, here are a few details about the school and its structure:

SERC is a private school!

It was founded in September 2009.

110 kids, of which 45 are orphans.
9 classes = 9 assistents

30 staff-members

Therapies: sensory, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy

The kids handicaps include: Authism, Down syndrom, epilepcy, some are mentally retarted, earning disorder and cerebral palsy.

Those few days working at SERC taught us so much!
The dedication of the staff is mind-blowing…
And the kids?
I can’t find the correct words to describe what you feel,
when you see the love and trust in their eyes!
They are so giving!
Mind you, some of them are a true handful and YES,
you have to put your foot down to keep them in check; but hey,
they are kids and test their limits 😉

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After we finished we were completely taken by surprise as we were presented with certificates,
good-bye-cards and beautiful necklaces, hand-made by the older girls!
We promised to wear them with pride! And YES, we will be back; hopefully with a few more learning-games
and therapy-materials!


Friends, in case any of you have learning-games lying around like Duplo, Fisher Price, big puzzles, Memory,…
please keep hold of them, so we can take them to Nepal in 2017…

Oh, SERC is on Facebook! Please LIKE them 🙂 Thank You!

“Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (SERC)” SERC Homepage

After our very emotional good-byes at SERC we took a taxi into Thamel to meet up
with our friend Cora for a drink before we collected our pre-ordered wood-work 🙂
I have no idea, where everything will be going, but Carmen says she has an idea… 😉

Oh, and we bought some really nice clothes, too!

What we can say: We feel absolutely safe here in Nepal! The people are great, really helpful
and they are grateful for everyone who is visiting their country!

And YES they do need us foreigners / tourists!
They honestly don’t know how to survive without the money from the outside coming in!

Oh, and we had a lovely and delicious dinner in Thamel last night!

We love the food here, it is amazing: A great combination of Indian and Asian cuisine!