#In the Tub by TJ Scott

Breast Cancer Awareness

While most people are aware of breast cancer,
many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages
and encourage others to do the same.

Here is a great way to support #BreastCancerResearch:

In the Tub

Screenshot from Amazon.com

“In the Tub” by TJ Scott

This book is simply stunning and a true collectors piece!

Plus the photos are phenomenal, tasteful, beautiful and really artistic!

Well done, TJ and thank you for letting us promote your book on our website.

NOT to mention that all personal proceeds go to a terribly important cause:

Breast-Cancer-Research! 💕

Pink Ribbon

I think that everyone is affected by cancer in one way or another, so please consider buying this book for yourself or someone close! It truly makes a perfect gift!

We have our copy, so do get yours, before it is too late!

It’s damn easy, just click on this link to order your copy via Amazon:

ORDER “In the Tub”

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