Action for #SERC!

Dear friends!

Most of you know that we volunteered at SERC during our two most amazing weeks in Nepal! We did not just enjoy our time there and in Nepal in general, we took and learned so much! We came to love so many people and we swore to ourselves to try and help/support as much as we can.

Plus we learned after our return, that most people who are close to us want to help, but need guidance on how to do it. Sometimes donating to a fabulous charity isn’t “direct” enough. They need a real cause…

So here we go:

We contacted SERC and what they really need for the kids are up-to-date walking aids, wheelchairs, walking frames… Teaching games, memory games, lego, duplo; you name it!

Carmen’s Ma surprised us by getting in touch with Gran’s nursing home, they will contact us as soon as they have materials available! Amazing, right?

So in case you have something lying around at home, up on the attic, down in the cellar, please keep hold of it, let us know and we can either take it ourselves in summer 2017 or figure out how to send it to Kathmandu asap…

And in case you have an idea about cheap and managable transportation to Nepal, please get in touch as well.

Much Love and #Namaste,

Bea and Carmen xox